The Customs Warehouse is a suspensive procedure and economical  as it allows, in front of a special authorization from the customs  authorities, the suspension of the payment of duties imposed on goods  deposited.

 These are structures where the goods can be kept without their being  subject to its tax burden, waiting to proceed attribution final  destination.



 They are allowed to benefit from the scheme, the following types of goods:

Non-Community goods under suspension of customs duties;

- Communitarian goods for which specific Community legislation provides, in virtue of being placed in a customs warehouse, for measures normally attaching to
  the export of goods, pending the final destination of those (art. 98, lett. b), del Reg. (CEE) 2913/1992).


The customs warehouse is a place authorized by the Customs Authority and subject to his control in which the goods may be stored under certain conditions and is divided into:

Public Deposit, a customs warehouse that can be used by any person for the warehousing of goods (Type A, B, F);

Private Deposit, a customs warehouse reserved for the warehousing of goods depositary (Type C, D, F).

Our Private Customs Warehouse Type "C", site
Solofra (AV) and managed by the Solofra Docks Srl, with its 8000 square meters, allow the storage of the goods by the depositor (who bear the responsibility) which is identified with  the depositor but not necessarily the owner of the goods.

The structure consists of two warehouses in which you can  store and Community Goods and Foreign State Goods.

The space adjacent to the two structures, allows to perform, effectively and efficiently, all activities relating to the loading   and unloading of goods.

The safety of the structure is maintained through regular Supervisory Activities and a system of surveillance internal cameras, active 24 hours a day.

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